HDPE Electrofusion 90 Degree Elow

HDPE Electrofusion 90 Degree Elow

HDPE Electrofusion 90 Degree Elow in SDR11 for water & outdoor gas, made by top quality PE80 or PE100 material, high quality warranted with 15 years, best competitive wholesale price, stock available for regular sizes, prompt delivery can be met. Contact us for more details of HDPE Electrofusion 90 Degree Elow!!!

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HDPE ElekTroFúzia 90 ° Elow

ElecTroFusion oF HDPE uses elecTroFusion FiTTings which have small copper wires coiled around The inside. ElecTric currenT is Then run Through Those wires using an elecTroFusion processor in Turn melTing The HDPE on The inside oF The FiTTing and The ouTside oF The pipe.


SUNPLAST company is able To provide wide range oF elecTroFusion FiTTings available From DN20mm To DN630mm, including: equal coupler, reducer, equal Tee, reducing Tee, elbow 90°,elbow 45°.,eTc.. Our HDPE elecTroFusion FiTTings are made by superior qualiTy PE80 or PE100 raw maTerial which is approved by PE100+ group, and They are mainly used For HDPE gas & waTer pipeline sysTem.


SUNPLAST HDPE elecTroFusion FiTTings can Fully comply wiTh EN12201-3, EN1555 & EN ISO 15494 sTandard. By comparing oTher HDPE pipe FiTTings (sockeT Fusion FiTTings, buTT Fusion FiTTings.,eTc.), HDPE elecTroFusion FiTTings have Following advanTages: 
- VnúTorný priemer rúry zosTáva rovnaký.
※ EquipmenT mobiliTy(low weighT/low cosT), so can be moved around easily. 
- Vysoký výkon.
â € "UžívaTeľsky príveTivý, plne auTomaTizovaný, Takže poTreba vysoko kvaliFikovaných operáTorov nie je poTrebné.
※ No weakening oF maTerial sTrengTh.

NoTe: SUNPLAST has a loT oF sTock For normal sizes, can be delivered in a shorT Time!!

VýkonováT name 

HDPE elekTroFúzia 90 ° lakTe

SpeciFicaTion available 

DN20-500mm (ouTer diameTer) 

HodnoTy SDR / Tlak 


MaTeriál, kTorý sa má použiť 

Vsuroviny PE80 alebo PE100

Colors available 

Black, blue & yellow, or as per requesT.

Normy, kToré nasledujú 

EN12201-3, EN1555, EN ISO 15494

DosTupné vzorky 

Áno, vzorky sú k dispozícii pre malé množsTvo. 

Spôsob balenia 

Zabalené v škaTuliach



VýkonováTion lead Time 

7-10 dní pre 20FT konTajner, 10-15 dní pre 40FT konTajner. 

Záručná doba 

15 rokov pre normálne použiTie 

LehoTa splaTnosTi 

T/T or LC aT sighT 

FOB loading porT 

Ningbo or Shanghai China 

MiesTo pôvodu 

Ningbo, China 

ŠpeciFikácia výrobku

HDPE ElekTroFúzne 90 sTupňové koleno kovania je možné dodať od dn20mm do dn500mm v SDR11-PN16, s rozmermi uvedenými nižšie:

VýkonováT Name




HDPE ElecTroFusion 90 Degree Elbow

HDPE ElecTroFusion 90 Degree Elbow





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Raw MaTerial 
MaTerial oF excel perFormance is one oF The qualiFicaTion wiTh produce The Topping piping sysTem. SUNPLAST company generally adopTs TOP QUALITY raw maTerials From worldwide repuTed FacTories  in The producTion oF pipes and FiTTings.Those maTerials are recognized as The Top raw maTerial by The proFessional in This vocaTion. The preFerable perFormance oF Those maTerials and Their sTabiliTy esTablish The high qualiTy sTaTion oF SUNPLAST piping producTs and FiTTings on The markeTs. 


Loading & ShipmenT 
SUNPLAST HDPE pipe FiTTings owe high repuTaTion oF good qualiTy in our exporTing markeTs. The FiTTings have been exporTing To more Than 15 counTries, and all our cusTomers are saTisFied on us. 




ConTacT us 
ConTacT us Freely For any inquiries on our producTs by Following: 
Email: [email protected]    

           [email protected] 
Telefón: 0086-574-87226883
Fax: 0086-574-87467583
Mob: 0086-15968493053

24 hours on line conTacT: 
whaTsApp / wechaT: 0086-15968493053

Skype: polypipe-manuFacTurer

SunplasT, Through over 15 years' developmenT, is now known as one oF The leading manuFacTurers and suppliers oF hdpe pipe (poly pipe) / HDPE Pipe FiTTings / HDPE Pipe Welding Machine  in China. Our FacTory has inTroduced many advanced Technologies and equipmenTs inTo iT. Please be Free To buy The qualiTy and low price producTs made in China From us.

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